Anisyl Acetone

Structural Formula
Name Anisyl Acetone
Other Names 4- (Para Methoxy Phenyl) - 2 Butanone, Raspberry
Molecular Formula C11H14O2
Molecular Weight 178.23
CAS 104-20-1
Einecs 203-184-2
Physical Charactaistics  
Colourless to pale yellow liquid
Organoleptic Chracter Sweet,fruity,Cherry, Raspberry type flavour and taste.
Technical Data  
Melting Range 2770C
Flash Point >1000C
Specific Gravity 1.042 To 1.052 (At 200C)
R.I. 1.515 To 1.520 (At 200C)
Purity Profile  
Glc-Assay Above 99.0%
Stability & Storage 12 Months in full sealed containers
It finds use in perfume compostion as modifier for hellotropine, as a sweetener for cyclamen aldehyde
blender in many types of sweet florals, fougeres and orienal fragrances .In flavour composition it is used in raspbery and cherry,two flovours which are used as targets for fantacy fragrances for lipstic perfumes.
As sweetener it modifies anise and anethole in licorice flavour composition and used in smaller amount in many imitation fruit flavour for baked goods or hard candy where heat stability is essential. The normal concentration is about 10 to 300 pp in finished products.
Packing :
Galvanised iron barrel
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